Martin Karim with Bloody MaryPegging has been around since the Norman Conquest when Sir Norman Wisdom, Norman Vaughan, Norman Collier and possibly Barry Norman all probably considered attaching a clothes peg to someone's collar for a laugh (apart from Barry Norman who allegedly isn't very funny)

Bloody Rick Waller at LunchWe were first introduced to the sport by Wee Martin Karim (AKA Victoria), A Scottish Born Geordie Brummie who was known to pack a suitcase full of pegs when visiting Ibiza (or whichever was the party island back in the fifties)

Sadly, on Victoria's last skiing holiday he was badly injured when he crashed at low speed into a Frenchman. Unfortunately both survived but Victoria has currently lost the use of his pegging thumb as he can't grip the pegs due to his hand being fatter than Rick Waller's. Rick Waller on the other hand, can't peg with either.