You're probably reading this because for some strange reason you found a clothes peg attached to your clothing that you didn't notice when you got dressed.

You may have found this website because you search for weird things or you may have been told about it. Most likely is that you've found a peg attached to you and it's got the web address written on it.

Although we've been pegging for years, the sport is growing fast and a number of websites have appeared explaining all about Pegging. Some even claim to have invented the sport and others claim they are the 'Official' Pegging website. We make no such claims as we're not stupid enough to think that you'll believe the Bullshit that others think you will.

We could claim that this photo proves Pegging was established in 1969 but you're intelligent enough to realise that the date is more relevant to the hat company and we know that Pegging started long before then.

This site will feature many pegging photos, many by us and many by those who send them to us - for us to include your photos, they must be to a high level of Pegging expertise. Photos of people Pegged whilst asleep gain no points and people who Peg themselves (including facial Pegging or Pegging of genitalia) would never appear on this site as theses people have clearly never read the rule book.


If you wish to send us your photos - please 

14th March 2004